Magnetic Messaging- 3 Text You Should Send To Her

Have you ever met a woman, got her number and wonder what to do? If yes, worry no more because magnetic messaging will help you out of such troubles.

What’s magnetic messaging?

It refers to a step by step texting program that helps you to win a date with any woman you meet. It is also known as key lock sequence.

You might have already exhausted your options when it comes to making your woman crazy enough to hop into bed with you – But my question is, have you tried the magnetic messaging training guide? Well, if you haven’t, this is the right time for you to make that seems impossible into a reality.

Now listen carefully

This article will help you to discover secret ideas that you can use when it comes to dating women via messages. If you are a man out there and you don’t know how to make a woman fall for you, then, this is your high chance you can’t afford to let go. Why? If you try this magnetic messaging secret idea, you will discover a secret weapon that can make every woman chase you like crazy. Here we go.

Spark an emotion

It is the first message that is designed to outsmart all the other text she gets from other men. You should realize that you aren’t only one who is interested in her that why you should try as much as possible to outsmart the rest. Your text should grab her attention and should be emotional. If you are not creative, don’t worry this program offers many examples and explains everything that you need to know.

Your first message is tied to your first meeting. Therefore, you need to know how to respond during the encounter. Why? The reason for that is because you will refer back to this conversation when you send the initial message. Therefore, this program will teach you how to use the first conversation and come up with a nice texting action.

Make a connection

The second message you send to her should be able to connect both of you. This text is pivotal why? It sets up the final step. In this message, try as much as possible to forge a bond and let her know that you aren’t like any other guy sending her boring, random, or insulting messages.

Handle logistics

It is the final message in the key lock sequence. It is designed to prove or show that you are different from other guys; it should be designed in such a way that you put your aim considerately on securing a date. How long is that supposed to be? There is no specific time, days or number of messages to ask for a date. It depends on the reaction of the woman you’re dating and the kind of text you send to her. That’s why the third text is entitled to “Handle logistics.” you don’t know the response you will get, and you must know how to react to it. Here, you are close to winning the date, but if you make a wrong move, you will blow everything.


It doesn’t matter if you’re fat, ugly, or bald. Just try the above simple key lock sequence techniques so that you can drive her mad with desire.

3 Dating Tips for Women

Do you want to make a man like you, want you, and make him attracted to you? If that’s what you are looking for, you are in the right place. The secret to making a guy want you is simple. Some women think that been pretty or having a great figure is all that you need. But that isn’t the case. The secret is been different from other women.

It’s true that dating is a beautiful game. It’s exciting, sometimes heart pounding. Just imagine the excitement of a first meeting, the spine-tingling kiss you share and the romantic touching of hands not to mention the confidence boost it gives you knowing your date has only eyes for you.

Remember that men and women have different outlooks when it comes to dating. At times, women can find men confusing and many times men do so. However, if women want to get attention from a man and make him fall in love, it’s important to know some secret dating tips that most women aren’t aware of.

Below are general secret tips to follow if you want to get your guy to chase you around like crazy.

1. Just be yourself. 

Learn to develop a unique and attractive personality. You don’t need to act like someone you are not. You can unleash your charm very naturally when you think positively. When your thinking is positive, it is very likely you will enjoy the things that you are doing. When guys mix around with you, they will also feel the positive presence, and naturally, they will be happy with you around. It’s when more guys will start to attract you like a magnet.

2. Don’t stop flirting. 

It is okay to flirt a little with the guy you like but don’t overdo it. You should try to take an interest in what he loves. However, do not get too excited to attract his attention. He may develop feelings for you and will start to wonder if you fancy him also, just learn to play a moderation of hard to get. He may be confused with your actions like this, but according to //, this should be the way if you want to capture his heart.

3. Show out the feminine side of you

Knowing how to make a man fall for you is all that you want, right? Just do anything that is related to femininity. Many guys cannot resist girls that are feminine. Being feminine doesn’t mean that you dress sexy Miniskirt or whatsoever. You may wear a fashionable dress and this can definitely show out your femininity.

In conclusion, These dating tips for women are easy to be followed. If you genuinely want to win a man’s heart, you have to understand what the men are thinking. Your love life can also be a mess if you don’t know what the guys are thinking. Ensure that you look good when you are set to go on a date. Never hesitate to ask for an opinion on how you look. While you think you look fantastic, others might have a different idea. There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking. Once set, just go for it. If you want to get more dating and relationship advice, you should check out Camp of Lovers website – click here.